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Lou’s Music

As you may, or may not, know Lou is a classically trained musician  and singer songwriter, who has made 7 albums (5 of them solo albums).  We thought that we would make some her music available for people to hear.

Healing Stream is a musical record of my journey through the times of family turmoil and deep inner issues within my own personal life.  In my pain and struggle I began to reach out beyond myself, wondering if God was real and if so, could He help me.

Cover of Healing Stream
Cover of Healing Stream

The response I began to sense of the loving hand of the Eternal Father is interwoven in these songs that also reflect my own heart’s progress to deal with pain and hold onto love, respect and hope.

I have had much feedback over the years that this album is poignantly and powerfully helpful, particularly in times of stress and personal trauma.

It is my heart felt desire that you will find it musically inspiring but also a source of support, comfort and hope.

Warmest regards

Lou Lewis

Have a listen for yourself.  Below are the first couple of minutes of 4 of the 10 tracks.  If you like the music and would like to have the album simply make a donation.  Or if you would just like to help us help more people, then you can do so by making a donation.

Thank you!  We hope that you enjoy.

Healing Stream Excerpt
Valleys Excerpt
I Know Where You’re Coming From Excerpt
Broken Heart Excerpt

If you would like to have a copy of the full Healing Stream album you can download it for a donation; simply fill in the form below. You can donate any amount you want (above £3) in most major currencies. When you submit the form you will be redirected to the Healing Stream page where you can then download the album.

Cover of Healing Stream
Cover of Healing Stream