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Does God Exist? Who is He Really?

Does God Exist

Working with Pictures we Understand

The understanding of God is often presented as a mystery, but that is both unnecessary and confusing. I am not saying of course that the human mind could necessarily fathom the inner depth of a God if He exists. That to me would be arrogance! However; when we approach the existence of the Christian God as portrayed by its chief interpreter Jesus, he makes it plain that the God he called his Father (and ours!) wanted very much to be both known and accessed by His children on earth.

It fact it was his primary mission; to reunite us with the Father and reconnect us into relationship. Jesus understood two things very clearly. The first was that the Unseen World can be very confusing for people used to processing everything through their five senses. The second was that much of what happens around us (in nature, function and personal relationships) can unpack vividly and clearly aspects of the spiritual world, God and His nature.

These 3 videos use subjects that are common to each one of us; taking the accessible seen and known and using them as a springboard for understanding the deeper truths underneath.

What we know – Love
What we know – Breath
What we know – Good and evil

Our Stories of Meeting God

In keeping with our desire to make this website experiential, rather than theoretical, here are our stories of how God entered our lives in a meaningful and impacting way.

If you want to hear Lou’s side of the story of how she got together with John, you can find out more in her video.

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