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Can God Help with Trauma?

Trauma, of course, is a vast and far reaching issue that can be as diverse as early childhood circumstances, medical issues and bereavement, global catastrophes like the Covid pandemic and relationship breakdown to mention but a few.

I can say with confidence that God can help with trauma as it is something I deal with week in week out. Each person I work with is different with their own personal issues and challenges, and the way in which God meets them is as diverse and unique as the individual themselves.

I have found Him to be passionate about who we truly are, and much of my counselling centres around removing the issues that have blocked and strangulated the true person, replenishing and nurturing the parts of us that have been deprived of love and releasing us into our true destiny. This is truly transformational and I love watching what Love can do!!!!! I recorded this video recently for our local church and thought that it would fit nicely here.

Abandonment and Rejection.

The experience and feeling of being rejected and abandoned is one of the deepest wounds to the human heart and always touches me deeply when I walk alongside those who carry this immense pain in their Psyche. I have found the deeper the wound the more I sense the profound deep and tender concern of God’s heart.

Emotional Deprivation

Sadly, not all of us have experienced the love and nurture we need. Rejection and abandonment has a sense of intentionality about it, but so often our lack of nurture and affirmation is the consequence of families that are stressed, parents that struggle themselves with mental or emotional issues, or school days where we are too shy or insecure to build sustaining friendships.

God’s love is like an emotional filling station where we can be nurtured, affirmed and established.


I personally have experienced sexual abuse as a child. I have also known the heartache of being bullied in my teenage years and later by my husband who was lovely when he was sober but a pretty nasty drunk. These abuses wrap themselves around our true selves strangling and oppressing the way we think, feel and behave.

Being set free is one of the core tenets of the true Christian life; a process God is both deeply involved in and intensely committed to. Your freedom and release into your spiritual destiny is one of His greatest passions!

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